Marwadi Shiksha Samithi
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General Discipline:

  Students should be carefully and neatly dressed, ideal personal hygiene should be maintained by every one.
  Students should be respectful towards their mentors and also the members of the teaching staff. Courtesy should be shown to all the members of non-teaching staff as well.
  Students should be punctual and regular in attendance shortage of attendance cannot be condoned except under the relevant rules frames by the University.
  College property whether of the library, movable or immovable shall not be damaged on any account.
  No, student or group is allowed to argue with the Principal or any member of the staff.
  Students of this college are expected to be on the best of their behavior even outside the campus so as to uphold the prestige of this college.
  Use of violence or abusive language are strictly prohibited on the campus. Students should be polite. Strict discipline should be shown even outside the class-rooms.
  Students are advised not to wear gaudy dresses.